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Infote_Billing is a fully integrated module for the management of municipal enterprise. It consists of a fixed part which outside of the places of consumption is also equipped with such modules as the economy of water meters, a full record of readings, the possibility of connection to radio systems. Infote_Bilingi (Wodnik)is a fully integrated billing system for water supply and municipal enterprises. It is an extension of the functionality of the system enova365 for settlement of water, wastewater and solid waste in accordance with applicable law.

• Full Registry meters (consumption points).
• Records of water meters.
• Records of agreements with contractors.
• Records of additives, such as hydrophores, seal numbers, dates, legalization, etc. diameters.
• Settles configurable structure of counters - accrued consumption can be invoiced or
• settled with under the counters (eg in the case of housing cooperatives).
• Readings can be invoiced at any time - billing cycles can be completely independent of the cycles of readings.
• Allows you to set your own ways of calculating consumption and additional charges so it can be adapted to each company.
• Extensive data verification prompt when the meter has lost legalization or protect against erroneous charging consumption when accounting for complex structures.
• Payment by. reading.
• Subscription fee.
• A flat-rate.
• The fee for reading.
• Subsidies city.
• Discounts contractors and individual prices.

Integration with the financial accounting enova365 Infote_Billingi is fully internally integrated with enova365. All the information is at hand. For example, the counter provides information on documents issued by a contractor assigned counters. The integration makes it easy to use modules records receivables, recovery, generation of VAT returns, sales analysis and accounting or fixed assets. The system also includes a modern program of the payroll.

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Software for water supply and sewage systems companies, for management of economy