Hans Schneider

Head of Business Development

Bilateral Meetings

  • (10:00 am - 4:00 pm)
DescriptionFor more than 65 years now, HPC has been offering interdisciplinary geological and engineering services in the fields of redevelopment, site recycling, infrastructure planning as well as environmental consulting for private and public clients. With the head-office based in Harburg/Bavaria and a network of 29 offices throughout Germany, HPC guarantees its clients individual and customized consulting. HPC also assists its clients in extending their business activities beyond the national borders to other European countries, where HPC is represented by 11 offices. A total of 450 professional staff generates a total annual turnover of 54 million Euro. HPC is one of the founding members of Inogen Environmental Alliance. Inogen (Innovative Global Environmental Network) guarantees a constant and high Quality standard of environmental consulting services. This partnership with Inogen enables HPC to serve its clients world wide. The company’s reference list demonstrates competence, responsibility and confidence: chemical and petroleum industries, mechanical engineering, energy, automotive, electric and construction industries, water supply, nature protection, transportation and administrative bodies. HPC models itself to the needs of its clients. HPC provides its comprehensive knowhow as general contractor and planner to investors, especially for large-scale projects. For further information, please visit our homepages at www.hpc.ag and www.inogenet.com.
Organization Type Consultant, Company
Founding Year1948
CityHarburg/Schwaben, Nördlinger Str. 16 Google map
Areas of Activities

Technologies of water conditioning and sewage treatment

    Sewage treatment plants

      Modern technologies of renovation of water supply and sewage systems