Andrzej Gołota

Commercial Director
FU-WI Sp.z o.o.

Fu-Wi Sp.zo.o. offers:

- Pellets boilers -modern and compact construction allows montage of device in small rooms. High functionality provided by automatic fuel feeding and lighting. C. H. Boilers for Pellets are devices with automatic work system and high efficiency up to 91%. Average use of Pellets fuel in period of 7 months of heating season is approximately 3 tons for 100m2 surface object!

- Biomass Boilers modern construction with automatic system for feeding and lighting of solid fuel. Biomass Central Heating Boilers are devices with automatic working system and high efficiency up to 90%. Wide offer when it comes to nominal power and couple of different solid fuel types, makes those boilers very universal.

- Fireplace with water overcoat- Modern and compact construction allows to burn couple types of solid fuels: traditional: hand feeding and lighting of wood, automatic: innovative technology of Pellets fuel feeding and lighting.

- Modular Boilers- modular Boilers are ideal solution for big surfaces heating, f. ex. Production halls. By connecting couple of boilers with fuel tank, we have uniform system with specified power. Independent boilers functioning gives another advantage, f. ex. In case when one of boilers would breakdown – power is lower then, but heating is still working. - Container Boilers -are made on base of our boilers with additional equipment, which is complete boiler room built in container module. The devices are mobile energy sources, which are made and mounted in special, standard dimension containers, adjusted to road or rail transport. They are fulfilling requirements for boiler rooms.

Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
City82-300 Elbląg, Grochowska 5 B, Google map
Areas of Activities

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