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PROTE Technologie dla Środowiska Sp. z o.o.

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DescriptionPROTE Technologies for our Environment Ltd. has been dealing in environmental protection since 1995. The Company renders services at the highest level carrying out projects concerning protection of soil and water. In our offer you will find services and products regarding: - Preventing secondary contamination in a water distribution network by using SeaQuest phosphate preparation, - Protecting water intakes against sudden contamination with the help of SYMBIO Biomonitoring System, - Complex lake reclamation with the use of PROTE-Fos method, - Minimization of Sludge Technology PROTE-MOS – optimizing biological wastewater treatment.
Organization Type Company
Founding Year1995
CityPoznań, Dziadoszańska 10 Google map
Areas of Activities

Systems and equipment for water conditioning

    Technologies of water conditioning and sewage treatment

      Regeneration of water supply and sewage network and deep wells