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NAVIA - zarządzanie operacyjne infrastruktury wodno-kanalizacyjnej

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DescriptionNAVIA™, developed by A2O, is an extreme reliable tool developed specifically to the operational work of water utilities and their field work teams. Usually, in a water utility, there are software like CRM, ERP, GIS, SCADA or LIMS. What about the task force that is everyday on the field? What tools do they have? Aren’t they the utility closest eyes to the infrastructure? Since its beginning, NAVIA™ was created to be used by field operators in their daily work routines. These routines generate an incredible amount of data, that, in the majority of the utilities, is not transformed in real and important information. It is often known only by the operators who are in the field and written down on a paper that ends up on a desk paper pile somewhere. With NAVIA™ all data that operators bring from the field is now important and clear information to manage the utilities infrastructures. NAVIA™ does not replace other software, it integrates with them. The goal is to manage all the utility in a single platform, NAVIA™. Everything is done in real time, releasing time and costs. With NAVIA™, utilities improve the water and wastewater operational management in a way that allows them to optimize the processes and infrastructure all the water cycle.
Organization Type Company
Founding Year2002
City 4450-011 Matosinhos , Av. D. Afonso Henriques, 1122 – 1º Sala L Google map
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Software for water supply and sewage systems companies, for management of economy