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How to get to Bydgoszcz?

By plane:

The Bydgoszcz airport is located only 3km from Bydgoszcz city center – to which it is connected by regular public transport. Below you will find more information about connection between Bydgoszcz and other Polish and European cities.


By car:

In the surroundings of the city there are three national roads:
National Road:

1 - Scandinavian countries – Gdańsk – Lódź – Kraków – Czech border
5 - Bydgoszcz - Poznań – Wrocław – Czech/German border
10 - Germany – Szczecin – Warsaw
25 - Northern Poland – Silesia – Czech/Slovak border


By train:

Bydgoszcz and Torun are connected by direct trains with all major cities in Poland.

Find more information about departures and arrivals of the trains.


Hotels in Bydgoszcz

Find hotels in Bydgoszcz with small descriptions and websites where you may book a room.


About the organisers

The Enterprise Europe Network consists of close to 600 partners in 48 countries, providing services for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) on competitiveness & innovation in Europe and beyond.

Why to cooperate with the Network?

  • the Network works closely with European SMEs and helps finding commercial partners f.e. in 2013 the Network managed to provide 2295 Partnership Agreements between cooperating clients,
  • the Network supports technological cooperation,
  • the Network supports research cooperation,
  • the Network informs about European funding opportunities, law & regulations and assists in applying for EU grants.

In just three years, the Network has provided services to more than 2.5 million SMEs and held dedicated business events with more than 600 000 participants. It has also attracted around 35 000 small businesses to international brokerage events and company missions. So far, the Network has helped around 4 500 SMEs acquire business cooperation, technology transfer or research partners abroad.

Torun Regional Development Agency (TRDA), the main organiser of WOD-KAN Brokerage Event, was established in 1995 to offer SMEs professional advisory services in a variety of domains. From the onset, the Agency promotes the idea of modern management and integrates business environment in the Kuyavia-Pomerania region. The mission of the Agency is to contribute to the economic growth of the country and of the Region in particular, by developing the spirit of entrepreneurship, by integrating the business community and conducting educational plus advisory activities (training courses, seminars, open days, giving advice, expertise and opinions).

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Bydgoszcz, BCTW, 187 Gdańska St., 85-674